The ÖÖD Group

Business & Investment Thesis:

  • The ÖÖD Group is an Estonian business which is owned and run by the two brothers Andreas and Jaak Tiik 
  • ÖÖD designs and manufactures beautiful, high-quality, movable accommodation units 
  • Given their differentiated design, the interior as well as the exterior, and the unique locations, the ÖÖD Mirror houses average outstanding nightly rates and occupancy
  • ÖÖD has started as a pure manufacturing business but is increasingly building out the ÖÖD brand and hospitality operations together with partners and landowners across the globe
  • BBOX has invested in ÖÖD to support the founders in its continued growth path  
  • You’re welcome to have a look at and


✓ Differentiated real estate product

✓ Founder-led

✓ Growth Capital

✓ EV €5M – €75M

✓ Substantial minority position

✓ Expertise to support the company

✓ Europe

An exciting future ahead….

  • Differentiated, beautiful and high-quality accommodation units built in a cost-efficient way. The ÖÖD Mirror House generates attractive economics
  • The market for nature travel is growing and the desire for unique and private spaces has accelerated in recent years. ÖÖD has yearly demand of 30x its production capacity  
  • ÖÖD’s branded Mirror House is a successful and profitable product, ÖÖD’s own flagship sites and franchise network have the potential to create an even more valuable and resilient business
  • The ÖÖD team around the founders Andreas and Jaak Tiik showcase the best of energetic and creative Estonian entrepreneurism and it is an absolute pleasure to work with them