Oikos Housing

Business & Investment Thesis:

  • Oikos Housing is a Slovenian business which is owned and run by its founder Monika Jankovic. Monika has build a strong team around her which is led by Oikos’ Executive Director Milos Ulcar
  • Oikos designs and manufactures high-quality, movable, wooden and sustainable beach houses
  • Having experienced that large parts of the Croatian coast is either not accessible for traditional ‘fixed’ houses or occupied by lower quality mobile homes, Monika started to design high-quality, eco-friendly movable modular beach houses. She identified an unique coastal site to place the houses on
  • To fund the construction of the Oikos eco-village, Oikos sold the houses individually at a good manufacturing margin  
  • However, the business soon realized that the capital value of the houses is much higher once the eco village is complete and ‘a place has been created’. To benefit from the capital appreciation of the location and the tiny beach villas, Oikos will build the next village on balance sheet
  • BBox Capital has invested in Oikos to support the founder to grow ‘on balance sheet’ and create valuable recurring rental revenue and capital gains

You’re welcome to have a look at OikosHousing – Oikos and OIKOS Eco Resort BUQEZ (oikosresorts.com)


✓ Differentiated real estate product

✓ Founder-led

✓ Growth Capital

✓ EV €5M – €75M

✓ Substantial minority position

✓ Expertise to support the company

✓ Europe

Croatia and other beautiful locations…

The Oikos Beach villas and the Oikos village in Croatia represent the best of a relaxing, pure and beautiful location and accommodation. Due to their movability, it is easier to get building permits in unique locations. The Oikos team has identified further sites with amazing landscape in Croatia and neighbouring countries and is aiming to become the leading owner and operator of sustainable, relaxing and interesting villages for seasonal travellers and longer-term working nomads alike.   

Oikos Housing was founded in 2018 by Monika Jankovic.   

Monika Jankovic represents the best of female entrepreneurship. She has built Oikos with the right balance of determination, energy, thoughtfulness and humbleness and together with Oikos’ Executive Director Milos Ulcar we are looking to build a better and stronger and more successful company for the shareholders, the employees and other stakeholders alike…and celebrate new village-openings in the future.