I am sure that most of us have had moments when we saw buildings where the use of the building, its architectural design or its construction fascinated us and we wondered why they don’t exist in more places. Real estate which gives you the feeling that it has the right use for its environment, real estate which gives you an experience, real estate that fits in perfectly

For example, a simple modular construction on top of an existing building, a pragmatic yet aesthetic school which can be moved, a meanwhile food and drink market between two office blocks, cleverly used space in a previously deserted car park, an autarkic and sustainable off-grid small house, green living space which is bright and light and beautiful yet easy to build

While real estate which simply fits in is often nice to look at, it is also often value maximising. If the use is maximised for its environment, so is the capital or rental value 

At BBox we are convinced that the real estate we live in, work in, travel to, celebrate in, eat in…will be different, better, in the future. Construction techniques will improve, design will improve, the functionality and sustainability will improve. BBox Capital is a specialist investor who is looking to invest in and support businesses which drive this progress in a profitable and sustainable way

We invest in businesses which design our world