About BBox

BBox Capital is a specialised investment manager focused on innovative and valuable real estate business models

We believe that there are huge inefficiencies along the real estate value chain. The construction process is often complex, granular, risky and expensive. There is a lot of real estate which is not fit-for-purpose for the location as the demand is constantly changing and hence, the capital or rental value of this real estate is not maximised

We are looking to invest in founder-led real estate businesses which have developed ways to systematically do things differently, competitively, better through superior design, more efficient construction or higher flexibility in the way the real estate is being used

At BBox, we like simple and standardised construction. We like modules, we like templates and as the names reveals, we like boxes. At BBox, we like flexible real estate which can grow and move with its demand either by being movable or amendable. At BBox we like innovative rental, leasing and franchise models so that we capture more than just the product margin. At BBox we like real estate which makes the world a more beautiful and more sustainable place

Modular, flexible, aesthetic, sustainable and profitable

BBox Capital was founded by Robin B√∂hringer. Previously Robin was a partner at the private equity firm Terra Firma where he worked for 12 years and focused on operating real estate and infrastructure businesses. Robin has a real passion for clever real estate business models which are scalable, valuable and make the world a more beautiful place

BBox Capital advises a number of family offices who share the conviction that future real estate should start now